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Premier Design and Technology School in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia

Sangnila Arts Academy – the design and technology school specialising in 3D design and animation in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia, is well-positioned in an exciting market to breed the next generation of digital art professionals.

Sangnila Arts Academy 3D design and animation graduatesOur 3D class in partnership with Faculty of Art and Design, Maranatha Christian University, Bandung.

Our young generation loves gaming and spends a large part of their time and income on this leisure activity. And the trend is set to continue.

Games – whether they are played online, on mobile devices, or with game consoles – are becoming more sophisticated. With advancement in technology, gaming has also become more realistic. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are bringing gaming to a higher level.

Great storytelling gets gamers hooked. In the past, movies are adapted into video games. However, in recent years, the reverse is true. In fact, video game production can cost even more than Hollywood movies.

Computer-generated simulation, such as AR and VR, does not just apply to gaming, the technology is gaining traction in entertainment and business applications too.

We can now fly in a Superman 3D movie. In some retail stores, we can “try on” clothes without visiting the changing room. Soon, even outdoor advertisements will utilize virtual reality to capture the attention of and engage with the audience.

Hence, it will not be a surprise the use of 3D design and animation will one day be pervasive and touch everyone’s life.

Grooming local talents for the 3D design and animation industry in Indonesia

As the consumption 3D imagery and animation products rises, so too will the need of digital artist professionals who are able to produce them.

At this juncture, the 3D design and animation industry simply does not have enough of such talents. What’s more, the gap between the skill set of the current talent pool and industry requirements is wide.

Sangnila Arts Academy wants to change this. We want to be able to equip passionate and talented Indonesians with the right knowledge, tools, and aptitude to succeed in this evolving and exciting industry.

Our aim is for graduates of Sangnila Arts Academy to be recognised by potential employers and industry players as talents who have gone through rigorous, quality, up-to-date training, and are ready for real-world work.

As such, our students will also be certified Autodesk Maya and Unity3D professionals – 2 of the industry-leading, cutting-edge 3D design and animation applications a respected digital art professional will be expected to be proficient in.

How Sangnila Arts Academy graduates will benefit from our ecosystem

The Sangnila Group hails from Singapore.

Its founders, Iswan and Joseph, are themselves digital artists and educators. And they are experienced in the entire digital media production workflow.

Singapore’s thrust towards developing the “Asian Media Hub” has given the duo tremendous opportunities to further develop their skills from the likes of Lucasfilm and Elecgtronic Arts, international game development, vfx, and animation studios.

Thus, Sangnila Arts Academy students will be able to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience of their instructors – which they will not be able to get elsewhere.

Further, because of Sangnila Group’s collaboration with prominent local, Indonesian studios such as GeekFarm and Ario, graduates will have instant job opportunities. These studios are confident our graduates will have the caliber to produce high-quality work.

Popular Courses

Game Development Course (with Autodesk Maya & Unity)

Game development course output

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Interior Visualization (with Autodesk Maya and Unity3D)

Interior Visualization end-product

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Basic Digital Animation (with Autodesk Maya)

Digital animation course student's work

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Professional Autodesk Maya Certification Course

Autodesk Maya certification course output

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Develop your 3D design and animation profession with Sangnila Arts Academy

If you are an aspiring digital artist, seeking a quality educational institution that is genuinely serious in helping you develop your career in the field of 3D design and animation, enrol with us now!