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Since its public launch, Monster Hunter: World, that has kept fans anxiously waiting for its release, has been declared to be the best hunting game. For info-hungry fans who wishes for more info on Monster Hunter: World latest release, Capcom has published information on its Multiplayer Gameplay. A community in Monster Hunter: World known as “Circle”, allows 50 players to do various activities in one circle together in the Gathering Area.

Each player is allowed in up to 8 circles and a circle owner is able to change the group icon, send messages and more. On top of the ship, players can seek a tavern named “Star’s Ship”, where they can hunt with 16 other players. While waiting in the tavern, players may also perform other activities or play the panco.

Over at the Quest Counter, players will find many missions with different objectives, other than killing monsters. Players can also open a private Gathering Area where only intended players can be invited to join. Players can also find many different quests such as Free Quest which allows players to take on endless quests, Special Quest such as Research Quest, Arena Quest, Challenge Quest and more.

After forming a Gathering Area, players can perform a quest solo or choose the Multiplayer mode to play with other hunters.

There will also be a Training Area where players can practice and polish their hunting skills before going into a quest.

Can’t wait for the release of Monster Hunter: World? The game will be available for PS4 and Xbox One on 26 January 2018, followed by the PC version. For those who own PS Plus, a Close Beta will be released on 9 December this year.