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Sangnila Academy’s Chief Operating Officer, Iswandi Sudaryo, had a great time conducting a workshop on Modern Visualization @ the Universitas Kristen Maranatha (Paulus GAP 4th floor room) on 3rd May 2018 for the Faculty of Engineering.

Iswan shared with our students how the industry has advanced and which field of study best go hand in hand with the industry’s requirements. He also touched on the Media and Entertainment industry in Singapore and how the country has started the leading the industry from the year 2005 which led it to become Asia’s Media and Technology Hub, hosting many acclaimed Entertainment companies. Iswan further elaborated on Singapore and its focus on new technology, beginning 2015 which include Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), dan Virtual Reality (VR).

Iswan also had the opportunity to speak about the problems on the industry in Indonesia and the gap between the industry’s requirements and the lack of talents to match it, explaining how Sangnila Academy can bridge the gap and help Maranatha students to be prepared as young Indonesian talents who are developed to work in the field of modern art and technology. He shared with the students about the training apps held by Sangnila Acadmy which are not limited to games, animation and visual effects (VFX) only, but also cover other fields. Examples include Architecture Visualization, Product Prototyping, Medical Studies, Fashion and Merchandising, Virtual and Augmented Reality, as well as Robotic and Engineering. It is expected that the present generation can continue to work by relying on innovation.